Lead, regulate, challenge

The Portman Group is the responsibility body for drinks producers in the UK.  

Our role is to:

  • Lead on best practice in alcohol social responsibility through the actions of member companies.
  • Regulate the promotion and packaging of alcoholic drinks sold or marketed in the UK through our Code of Practice.
  • Challenge and encourage the industry to market its products responsibly.

The Portman Group is a not-for-profit organisation funded by eight member companies who represent every sector of drinks production and collectively account for more than half the UK alcohol market. To read more about our member companies click here.

New film celebrates the partnerships working to create safe and vibrant town centres and reducing underage drinking

Produced by ITN Productions and premiered at the Royal Society of Public Health Annual Awards on 27 October 2016

A brand new film showcases the incredible people and local alcohol partnership schemes who are working together to promote responsible drinking, tackle alcohol-related crime and disorder and create safe and vibrant local night time economies.

Local Alcohol Partnership schemes (LAPs) include Best Bar None, Community Alcohol Partnerships (CAP), National Pubwatch, Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) and Purple Flag and they work alongside the Police, local authorities, health services and community groups. Other schemes working with the local partnerships include UK BIDs, Drinkaware Crew and Street Pastors. Find out more here

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Setting yourself up as a brewer or distiller? We’re here to help you navigate the marketing rules and regulations. Our video gives you more advice.

A brief video explaining the Portman Group Codes of Practice. View the video here.

An overview of schemes to create safer high streets and vibrant night-time economies. View the video here.

Have you ever thought about the journey your drink takes to reach your glass?