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Portman Group welcomes IARD report highlighting declining underage drinking


Commenting on a new report from the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking which shows that underage drinking has declined in over two-thirds of the 63 countries where national data... Read more

Consumer enthusiasm shows that the low and no alcohol boom is here to stay


We have noted a wave of articles in the UK media highlighting the increasing availability of low and no alcohol products on the market to give UK consumers a wide range of choice of lower-st... Read more

The Portman Group encourages industry to include 14 unit CMO guidance on labels


The Portman Group, the responsibility body and regulator for UK drinks producers, is today encouraging all alcohol producers to include the Chief Medical Officers’ (CMOs) low risk drinking g... Read more

Portman Group response to new Government paper on preventative health


We welcome and support the Government’s focus on targeted measures for the 4% of adults who drink at the most harmful levels, whilst also recognising that the vast majority of people who cho... Read more

Portman Group response to BMA letter to the Public Health Minister: The Government needs to work with industry to help target the minority who drink at very harmful levels


Partnerships between the industry and Government have helped to ensure that the vast majority of the population choose to drink responsibly, with a 15% fall in alcohol consumption since 2004... Read more

Supporting the exciting rise of the low and no alcohol category


On 26 June 2019, the Portman Group were pleased to attend an event celebrating and showcasing an array of low and no alcohol beers at the House of Commons, hosted by the All Party Parliament... Read more

UK drinking patterns are getting more responsible, let’s make sure this continues!


The 1990s stereotypical tabloid image of the British drinker as the drunken reveller drinking to excess is now a thing of the past. Indeed, Government statistics highlight that the vast majo... Read more

Alcohol marketing teams, don’t catch a fright this Halloween, be prepared!


While the Summer is just around the corner, many marketing managers will have their eyes on the next season as the nights lengthen and the shadows grow. Halloween, long seen as a children’s ... Read more

Putting the ‘risks’ of alcohol consumption into context


A number of recent academic studies have received media coverage with headlines warning consumers that ‘even one drink a day increases stroke risk’, that there is ‘no safe level of alcohol c... Read more



The Portman Group has launched the sixth edition of the Code of Practice on the Naming, Packaging and Promotion of Alcoholic Drinks following a widescale consultation to keep it fit-for-purp... Read more

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