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Henry Ashworth welcomes campus alcohol responsibility initiative


Portman Group Chief Executive Henry Ashworth last night backed a new initiative to help curb irresponsible drinking on Britain’s university campuses. Read more

Drinks industry on track to remove 1 billion units from the market


Figures released today by the Department of Health show the UK drinks industry is on track to meet its target to take 1 billion units of alcohol out of the market by the end of 2015 by reduc... Read more

Dead Pony Club ale breaches alcohol marketing Code


The packaging of Dead Pony Club, a pale ale produced by BrewDog, has broken alcohol marketing rules for encouraging both anti-social behaviour and rapid drinking. The Independent Complaints ... Read more

Fall in serious violence encouraging, says Henry Ashworth


Portman Group Chief Executive Henry Ashworth has today welcomed the news from a study which reports a decline in alcohol-related violence. Carried out by Cardiff University, the findings rev... Read more

Red Army Vodka breaks alcohol marketing rules


The packaging of Bartex’s Red Army Vodka has breached alcohol responsibility rules for its association with violence and aggression. A complaint, submitted by the Independent Complaints Pane... Read more

Minister calls for local partnership working to tackle alcohol harms at conference


Home Office Minister for Crime Prevention, Norman Baker MP, has called for more local partnerships to tackle alcohol harms specific to local needs. The Minister opened a conference on 3 Apri... Read more

Underage Drinking: National Trends and Local Variations


The issue of underage drinking in Britain has long been a popular item in the national news agenda. And with good reason, not only are children at greater risk of harm from alcohol, the atti... Read more

Alcoholic drink Four Loko breaks alcohol marketing rules


The packaging of Four Loko produced by Phusion Projects, has breached alcohol responsibility rules for encouraging irresponsible consumption. Three companies submitted complaints - Freespi... Read more

Portman Group welcomes announcement of Home Office Local Alcohol Action Areas


The announcement of 20 Local Alcohol Action Areas (LAAAs) by the Home Office has been welcomed by the UK drinks industry. The LAAA project offers assistance through the use of local initiati... Read more

UK's widest ever partnership unites to promote responsible drinking at sponsored events


The widest ever partnership of drinks producers, retailers, rights holders and representatives of sports, music and venues have backed a new Code to regulate all new alcohol sponsorship agre... Read more

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