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Direct Beers in breach of alcohol marketing rules


Ten products produced by independent brewer Direct Beers Ltd have been found to breach the Portman Group’s Code of Practice on the Naming, Packaging and Promotion of Alcoholic Drinks. Read more

500ml Cans of Tennent’s Super Break Alcohol Responsibility Rules


The packaging of 500ml cans of Tennent’s Super, a 9% ABV beer produced by AB InBev UK, has been found to encourage immoderate consumption after a ruling by the Independent Complaints Panel (... Read more

Panel: Breezer Orange and Watermelon do not breach Responsibility Code


The Independent Complaints Panel (Panel) has ruled that Breezer Watermelon and Orange flavoured wine-based drinks do not contravene alcohol marketing rules as set out in the Code of Practice... Read more

Independent Complaints Panel: Latest Rulings


The following products and promotions have been considered by the Independent Complaints Panel, under the Portman Group’s Code of Practice on the Naming, Packaging and Promotion of Alcoholic... Read more

Government welcomes new voluntary action from drinks producers


Drinks producers and retailers have today announced a significant range of voluntary industry actions to help the Government tackle alcohol misuse and promote responsible drinking. Read more

RDAN Lower Alcohol Pledge – Portman Group Response to First Interim Report


Figures released by Department of Health today show that UK drinks producers and retailers are on track to meet their pledge to take one billion units of alcohol out of the market by the end... Read more

Dead Pony Club ale breaches alcohol marketing Code


The packaging of Dead Pony Club, a pale ale produced by BrewDog, has broken alcohol marketing rules for encouraging both anti-social behaviour and rapid drinking. The Independent Complaints ... Read more

Red Army Vodka breaks alcohol marketing rules


The packaging of Bartex’s Red Army Vodka has breached alcohol responsibility rules for its association with violence and aggression. A complaint, submitted by the Independent Complaints Pane... Read more

Alcoholic drink Four Loko breaks alcohol marketing rules


The packaging of Four Loko produced by Phusion Projects, has breached alcohol responsibility rules for encouraging irresponsible consumption. Three companies submitted complaints - Freespi... Read more

UK's widest ever partnership unites to promote responsible drinking at sponsored events


The widest ever partnership of drinks producers, retailers, rights holders and representatives of sports, music and venues have backed a new Code to regulate all new alcohol sponsorship agre... Read more

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