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New Video Released to Help Partnership Working in Greater Manchester


The Portman Group have released a new infographic video to be used by Greater Manchester as they continue to develop strong local partnerships to tackle alcohol-related crime and anti-social... Read more

Nottinghamshire Praised for Tackling Alcohol-Related Crime – Improving Local High Streets


Nottingham and Nottinghamshire are leading the way in developing strong local partnerships to tackle alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour across the county. Read more

Portman Group launches video showcasing partnership work between business and local authorities to tackle alcohol-related crime


The Portman Group has launched a new infographic video explaining how local alcohol partnership schemes work to promote responsible drinking, tackle alcohol-related crime and disorder and im... Read more

Portman Group welcomes government strategy to tackle alcohol-related crime through partnership with drinks companies and local businesses


The Home Secretary has announced that partnership with local schemes, supported by alcohol businesses, will be a key element of the government’s strategy to improve the safety of the night t... Read more

Three New Members Appointed to Independent Alcohol Complaints Panel


Three new members have been appointed to the Independent Complaints Panel – the independent lay panel that considers complaints about irresponsible alcohol marketing under the Portman Group’... Read more

New CPD Accredited Training For Alcohol Marketers


The Portman Group has launched the industry’s first Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certified Alcohol Marketing Accreditation (AMA) for alcohol producers and their brand teams and ... Read more

MMWAH 5 x 20ml Bottles Mixed Flavour Drinks Complaint Upheld


A complaint about the packaging of 5 x 20ml bottles of Mmwah (mixed flavour alcoholic drinks) produced by Harwood Drinks Ltd has been upheld by the Independent Complaints Panel (ICP) for par... Read more

Portman Group Statement on New Alcohol Guidelines


Responding to the UK Chief Medical Officers, Alcohol Guidelines Review, Henry Ashworth, Chief Executive, Portman Group said: “The vast majority of us - more than four in five adults – drink... Read more

Portman Group Responds to LSHTM report on Responsibility Deal Labelling pledge


The official evaluation report on the labelling pledge, published by the Department of Health, confirmed the drinks industry had met its target of 80%. Read more

Dragon Soop 500ML Can Complaint Not Upheld


A complaint about the packaging of Dragon Soop (500ml can) for encouraging immoderate consumption and appealing to under-18s has not been upheld by the Independent Complaints Panel (ICP). A... Read more

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